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DE for C++ that includes the MinGW compiler.


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Feb 25th, 2014

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Code Blocks is an excellent programming option for C++. It consists of an open source, multiplatform integrated development environment that supports using multiple compilers, among which are: GCC (MingW / GNU GCC), MSVC++, Digital Mars, Borland C++ 5.5 and Open Watcom. The default compiler that this Code Blocks package comes with is MinGW.

Code Block’s functions can be expanded by using plug-ins. It has a fast, personalized construction system that doesn’t require makefiles and that allows you to carry out parallel constructions on systems with a multicore CPU.

The Code Blocks’ debugger supports the applying of breakpoints on the source code or on the data that the program operates, as well as the establishing of conditions and counters for said breakpoints. It is also possible to create defined inspections by the user. Another noteworthy characteristic are the customized memory dumps.

Finally, Code Blocks colors the open source syntax, includes “code folding” for C++ and XML languages, and has an interface with tabs, a class browser and a function to complete the source code.
Reviewed by Daniel Rivas Translated by Alexander Aldrich

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License OpenSource
Op. System Mac
Category Development
Language English
Downloads 161,053
Date Feb 25th, 2014
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12.11 Apr 29th, 2013
Dec 1st, 2010

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aristabas in 2012

I already installed the program but when trying to compile and run the project I did not send it, and a legend appears saying that this tool has not been installed. How could i solve this problem?


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